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Here's the skinny on making PC's.


Steampunkish era, some technology, obviously steampowered.  Varying races, mainly humans.


200 points with a random stat generating system:


40 points for the stat block (10 points per stat) then random 4d6 taking the best three.


This is going to make very powerful PC's but that's the idea.  These PC's will be the Main Protagonists in this story and the fate of Havensgate will be relying upon them.


Normal Mana area with TWO types of Magery.


Normal cost Magery is standard cost and can be bought to level 5 (10 points per level after 3).  Spell Casting Fatigue equals double ST score.


Channelled Magery costs 10 points extra per level, but the Mage gets to multiply their ST score by their Magery level to determine Spell Casting Fatigue.   


With that, however, Magery is a rare endeavor. 


Stats can then be increased appropriately with points based on what level it currently is.


These are the Princes, the Generals, the Archmages and the Kings of Havensgate.


Main Page

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